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Semishare attends the 2017 IPFA International IC Physics and Failure Analysis Conference

From July 4 to 7, 2017, the 24th international integrated circuit physical and failure analysis conference (IPFA2017) was held at the fuli ritz-carlton hotel in chengdu, sichuan province. Semishare was invited to participate in the event.

IPFA international conference is the world's largest, largest and most influential international conference on semiconductor physical analysis, failure analysis and reliability. This conference invited from China, the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan and other countries in the asia-pacific well-known experts and scholars made a conference report and branch, and attracted more than 300 global industry representatives to attend. IPFA2017 is committed to all kinds of advanced semiconductor equipment management failure mechanism of physical and electrical physical failure analysis techniques, methods and tools, since with reliable to determine the root cause of equipment failure.

Semishare as prober manufacturers in the semiconductor physics analysis and failure analysis equipment manufacturing has many years of production experience, complete customization service in colleges and universities, institutes and companies, the event for Semishare future the development direction of the industry has laid a certain foundation.


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