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   SEMISHARE committed to the sharing business of advanced semicon technology,focusing on promoting China‘s fast growth in the semiconductor industry. Our target is be a leading total solution partner to our clients.Currently,we have our semiconductor equipment agent business group and semicon equipment manufacturing plant which makes probe station and laser repairing machine in shenzhen ,China .


SEMISHARE equipment agent business group provide the world famous semiconductor testing equipment and processing equipment. Testing equipment including probe station, laser repair system, IV / CV tracer and source meter , network analyzers, optical microscopy, EMMI, X-ray, C-SAM ultrasonic detector, SEM. Processing equipment including plasma etcher like RIE,ICP etc.,diffusion,oxidation furnace,CVD,wafer bonder,spin coater,lithography,sputtering machine,electronic beam evaporator etc. .


SEMISHARE semiconductor equipment manufacturing plant got area of about 5000 square meters, with more than 100 personnel including professional and technical more than 70 . We have precision manufacturing machines and testing machines including CNC machine, femto laser cutting system , fine carving machine,fine polishing machine, wire cutting machine, abrasion tester, artificial sweat test machine,3D testing machine,IV curve tracer,vacuum leakage detector,laser tester,laser interferometer etc. We have been manufacturing probe station and laser repair equipment since 2009 .


SEMISHARE got dedicated staff and fast respond service. Our service office now located in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an .

SEMISHARE’s products and solutions have been succesffully used in most IC/LED/LCD foundries and R&D centers in China.

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